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Stewards of the Lake

A view of Rice Lake from the shoreline.

Rice Lake Spotlight Today’s Spotlight is shining on a – perhaps – bit less well-known but very important organization here in Rice Lake. But first, a little background. When I was a junior in college and taking courses in ecology and earth science, I became very concerned with problems the earth was dealing with in […]

Northwoods Cycle

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Rice Lake Spotlight Today’s Spotlight is shining on a new business that has taken up residence in the previous location of Libbee’s Partee Plus. Located at 19 N Main Street in Rice Lake, Northwoods Cycle is scheduled to open in early June. We’re glad to have you locate your business in Rice Lake! The ownership […]

Maple Trees & Maple Syrup

Leaves of Red Maple tree (Acer Rubrum)

The scientific name for the Maple tree is Acer. One reason to like maple trees is they display marvelously beautiful colors in the Fall of the year. Another reason is that in addition, some species of Maple trees will produce copious amounts of sap in the spring… which is used to make sweet and tasty… […]