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Today’s Spotlight is shining on a new business that has taken up residence in the previous location of Libbee’s Partee Plus. Located at 19 N Main Street in Rice Lake, Northwoods Cycle is scheduled to open in early June. We’re glad to have you locate your business in Rice Lake!

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The ownership team (and lots of other workers) have been working many long hours in order to get the store converted to a bike shop. Meanwhile, they are putting together lots of new bikes.

Recently we were able to snare a few minutes of time from Co-owner / Service Lead, Tim Bradley, to ask a few questions about Northwoods Cycle. Here’s what he shared as he answered our questions:

man in blue shirt riding bicycle on road during daytime
Photo by Stan Slade on Unsplash

Your Story

Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today? (You can include as little or as much detail as you’d like.)

“Northwoods Cycle was formed in 2023 to serve the community of Rice Lake, WI and the surrounding area as a high-quality, friendly, welcoming bike shop that offers sales, service, and knowledge.

“Allison, our majority owner, grew up in Rice Lake and is passionate about giving back to the community that raised her, encouraging everyone to get outside and move their bodies – whether an experienced cyclist or someone just learning to ride.

The Team

“The ownership team of Northwoods Cycle (Allison, Tim, and Alex) has decades of experience working together as co-business owners, where over the past 16 years they built a nonprofit arts organization from the ground up into to a well-respected mid-size organization that is thriving in the competitive Twin Cities arts market.

“In 2024 they decided to switch gears (see what we did there?) and open Northwoods Cycle in beautiful historic downtown Rice Lake to serve the community as a high-quality and friendly bicycle shop.” 

Moon Lake trail in autumn

Never an Easy Task

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

“Opening a new business is never an easy task, and we’re working hard to make sure we meet our community where they are – always taking questions, comments, and ideas to better serve the people of Rice Lake and surrounding areas!”

About Your Business

Please tell us more about your business or organization. What should we know? 

“Northwoods Cycle is located in downtown Rice Lake, WI – right in the heart of the beautiful Wisconsin Northwoods. We are a welcoming, friendly, accessible, full-service bicycle shop.

“As a woman-owned business, our focus is on being welcoming and inclusive to EVERYONE. Our shop is a comfortable, inviting community space and we’re happy to help anyone who comes in the door.

Make Sure Your Cycling Experience is Fun & Rewarding

“We stock bikes, apparel, accessories, parts, tools, and anything else to make sure your cycling experience is fun and rewarding. And with Woodland Coffee right in our store, you can grab a “fresh-brewed coffee beverage and get some work done, have a meeting, relax while your bike is being serviced, or just hang out with friends and check out all the cool bikes we have to offer!

“So, whether you need a new bike, are learning to ride, need a tune-up, want an upgrade to your current setup, are looking for information on local trails, or just want to come in, grab a coffee and hang out, you are welcome!” 

Brown and White Concrete Pavement
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

What Matters

What matters most to you? Why?

“What matters most to Northwoods Cycle is COMMUNITY. We are dedicated to being a bicycle shop that is built for and supported by our community, and we do that by:

  • Being an inclusive, welcoming, and friendly shop -Providing excellent, high-quality sales and service -Encouraging people to move their bodies and be healthy
  • Being a hub for trails, maps, information, safe streets initiatives, and more
  • Offering Woodland Coffee, a coffee shop for the community in downtown Rice Lake”

Is there any pricing information that is relevant to our readers?

“Please come into the shop to see our current pricing on bikes, service, parts, tools, and accessories!”

Please provide any contact information that you want us to share with our readers (website, email, social media).

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