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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father and Son Standing on a Pier and Fishing

Treat Dad to a special Father’s Day he won’t forget! We’ve asked the businesses in and around Rice Lake to send us their Father’s Day promotions and specials! The results were added to this page to make your search for the perfect day for Dad a breeze! Whether your dad’s a grill master, a fishing […]

Stewards of the Lake

A view of Rice Lake from the shoreline.

Rice Lake Spotlight Today’s Spotlight is shining on a – perhaps – bit less well-known but very important organization here in Rice Lake. But first, a little background. When I was a junior in college and taking courses in ecology and earth science, I became very concerned with problems the earth was dealing with in […]

The Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS Some folks don’t care at all for the use of pesticides to control insect pests…  like certain beetles: the Japanese beetle, in particular.  I get it.  College (and beyond) courses in ecology, entomology, biology and botany, all did their proper job of raising my level of awareness when it comes to the environment. […]

Northwoods Cycle

Northwoods Cycle logo

Rice Lake Spotlight Today’s Spotlight is shining on a new business that has taken up residence in the previous location of Libbee’s Partee Plus. Located at 19 N Main Street in Rice Lake, Northwoods Cycle is scheduled to open in early June. We’re glad to have you locate your business in Rice Lake! The ownership […]

Men’s Club Wine & Beer Festival

Wine Tasting Notes

Last Week (10-04-23), we seized upon the opportunity to attend the Annual Rice Lake Area Men’s Club Wine & Beer Festival. Having lived full-time in Rice Lake for only a relatively short period of time, we had not attended the event previously. (This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate links here.) […]