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Northern Sky Designs, LLC has recently designed and launched the Visit Rice Lake website in an effort to bring more visitors to Rice Lake and to help promote the businesses in the area. We’d love for your business to be a part of it!

(This page may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure about affiliate links here.)

Northern Sky Designs does not charge a fee for representation or placement on the Visit Rice Lake website. In order to be linked or connected to, or advertise on,, representation or placement requires the following criteria be met:

  • Your business must have a current, stand-alone website with domain name. 
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  • Website must be secure (e.g.,
    What is a secure website?
  • Website must be considered “family-friendly”
  • Website must be professional in appearance
  • Business must adhere to policies, goals and content protocols followed by Northern Sky Designs, LLC and all sites designed and published by it

Northern Sky Designs, LLC and are family-friendly websites, the owners of which retain sole discretion regarding implementation of the abovementioned policy, and reserve the right to reject any requests for business listings/links that do not meet the above-listed, required criteria. 

There are several methods by which a business can obtain a website. You can design your own site with any available software (e.g., SquareSpace, GoDaddy,, Weebly, etc.  Note: Hosting fees may apply).  Or, you can have someone else design it for you.  Whether you obtain a secure website on your own  or wish to have us design one for you, please contact us with any questions; we would be happy to help.

For more information, please call Northern Sky Designs at: (715) 475-1050 or email them at

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We became full-time residents of the City of Rice Lake in 2021. It has been our goal and desire to contribute and give back to the City in a manner that will be as helpful as possible. It is also our goal to dedicate our efforts – and a steadily progressing and growing website – to the people and businesses of Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

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