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On Moving

Inside of a garage that is filled with our worldly possessions, prior to moving day!

Some Background

At some point in one’s life, or so it would seem, a move is necessary – be it from one town to another nearby town, or from one state to another.  In the case of the latter, the move can often be a royal and major pain in the rear.  I can easily sum it up by saying that… one needs to get rid of a LOT of old “stuff”.  Getting rid of that stuff, while necessary, can be very frustrating and, quite often, be fraught with endless anxiety.  I know all that for certain because I recently made that move from one state to another. But… we needed to take a chance and experience opportunity that was knocking.

Pluses & Minuses

That said, one needs to take a second look at more than just the process.  Look at the positive side of the results.  I first learned this when I moved – on my own – from Illinois to California, back in the mid-seventies.  The positive side is that I was forced to learn my new area better than the place I grew up. I was forced to seek out and experience new restaurants, movie theaters, attractions and routes to get there.  It was a whole new world to discover.  Difficult at first, the experience taught me to look at my new surroundings in a whole new and exciting light. It was a chance to experience opportunity there, as well.

man fishing from rock

That experience was recently renewed when my wife and I decided that it was time to leave our domicile of some twenty-plus years and move to a smaller town in Wisconsin, some 360 miles away.  Months of shredding, selling, discarding, packing and… the list seemed endless.  Disruptive?  YES.  Exciting?  You bet!  A refreshing opportunity to seek out new restaurants, new places to visit, new attractions and other delights?  Absolutely!

And now that we are finally getting settled, the smiles are starting to return.  We have a new home… and plenty of lakes that my boat has not yet seen; lakes that are teeming with fish that are just dying to be asked over for dinner!

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