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Cabin Coffee Co.

Looking at the front entrance to Cabin Coffee Company

First Things First

Rice Lake, Wisconsin: our new home that is 365 miles north of our northern Illinois previous address.  Having now unboxed – well, mostly – a moving-van-and-a-half filled with all our worldly goods and arranged them throughout our new home, it is time to begin some real exploring of the area!  (author’s special note: It’s actually way past time, but some shoulder surgery put a serious crimp in our plans.  More on that later…).  So, how about some great coffee with your breakfast?

Sign that reads "Just be Happy and Have Fun!I have to be honest and tell you that we have been to, as well as through Rice Lake, many times before.  The reason we decided on this particular town as our destination of choice is that, well, it has pretty darn near everything we could have asked for.  I’ll name many of them later…  More importantly, the people that live here are incredibly friendly, kind, helpful, and easy to talk with.  What more could one ask?

In Need Of A Cup O’ Jo?

One of our first stops “on tour” is very close to our new home – about a half mile at most – and is called Cabin Coffee Co.  A somewhat newer addition to the town of just less than 8500, Cabin Coffee Co. of Rice Lake, WI opened its doors in June 2014.  It may look small from the outside, but don’t let the looks of this coffee shop fool you.  From their website, “The Rice Lake store is housed in a completely remodeled building in the town’s busy southeast corner. It includes a large seating area that also features a meeting room, 2-sided fireplace, drive-thru and outdoor patio seating at the front and rear of the store.

Numerous Brews

It’s about as roomy as you might imagine, and very cozy and comfortable at the same time.  There is a room toward the back of the store that can be reserved for meetings of perhaps twenty or so, and the front portion has more tables at which to enjoy numerous brews, from light to very dark blends and decaf to espresso, as well as selections from nine countries around the world.  And, you can actually watch them as they daily roast their own beans – small batch and fresh.

A photo of part of the cozy interior of Cabin Coffee

Menu Items

But wait… there’s more.  Really? Yep.  Cabin Coffee offers up – at easy on the pocketbook prices – a great menu of breakfast sandwiches, rolls and muffins, lunch selections of sandwiches, mini-sandwiches, salads and soups, and more.


We stopped in and ordered breakfast there this morning. It was a Southwest  Breakfast Wrap for me, and an Egg, American (cheese), and Bacon on a Butter Croissant for my wife.  All I can say is EGGCELLENT!



cabin coffee interiorOh, yeah – you an also order online and pick up, or order at the drive through.  Any way you like, Cabin Coffee works well for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack and a cup of jo.

Friendly and courteous employees, excellent coffee and very tasty food.  You really need to make Cabin Coffee Co. a must-stop place if you are anywhere near Rice Lake!

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