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No, I don’t want you to smile for a photograph… what I would like is to share with you some thoughts about Wisconsin cheese, as well as a certain place at which to obtain it.

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An Official Cheesehead?

First, I must admit that I am a recent transplant to the state of Wisconsin – in general – and Rice Lake in particular.  We took a bit of grief when we said we were moving: “so, are you now like, an official cheesehead?”  I didn’t mind the ribbing, for two important reasons.  One, we really like it here. And two, as I have stated numerous times, I haven’t met a cheese I didn’t like.

cheese brothers box

We make it a point to attend the Annual Barron County Dairy Month Breakfast, every year.  And we always have our refrigerator stocked with plenty of varieties of the Wisconsin staple!  Currently, we are on a mission to find the best cheese stores in and around Rice Lake.

Holiday Gifting

Our most recent (online) purchase came from Cheese Brothers.  Located in Barron, WI (a bit more than 12 miles south of Rice Lake), Cheese Brothers has an amazing assortment of cheese and gift possibilities. Checking their website, we stumbled upon a Holiday Gifting event that offered 20% off.  We even got free shipping with an order, so we immediately jumped on it.

 opening the gift box

As a result, we ordered a Wisconsin Charcuterie Box, a Deluxe Game Day Charcuterie & Essentials Box – both gifts for family – and a Deluxe “Thankful For Cheese” Holiday Gift Pack  for a holiday company party.  All of these also qualified for free shipping! By the way, shipping was as promised: on time and delivered promptly.

Cheese Curds

And, oh, yeah… I would really be remiss if I did not mention the cheese curds that were included in our order. Our box supplied two different kinds. There was a bag of white cheddar curds and one of garlic-dill. They were both awesome, very fresh, and very tasty! Amazingly, the garlic-dill version actually had a bit of squeak left in them.

gift box detail

Awesome Selection

I’m not sure where our next search will take us, but I like the available options on the Cheese Brothers website. Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, anniversary, another special event, or a “just because” occasion.  Cheese Brothers is a great place to find an awesome selection of gifts.

By the way, I couldn’t resist, and I broke into our company party box of goodies.  It contained an excellent variety of cheeses and other goodies.  I can highly recommend Cheese Brothers for whatever occasion you can think of.  Give ‘em a try. I don’t believe you will be disappointed!

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